What Is An Asian Handicap?

An Asian handicap is a type of betting where one team is handicapped due to their good form or because the football team is in a higher league and therefore more likely to win. What this means is that the stronger teams must win by a certain amount of goals in order for the bet to be successful, rather than just winning. The reason that this technique has been developed over the years is because it reduces the number of outcomes that can happen in any given football match.

A straight bet on a football match can provide the bettor with 3 distinct options for the outcome of the game. Team A can win, Team B can win or finally, the teams can draw. Asian handicap betting has been designed to eliminate the third option of the game being a draw. The way it works is that typically, the team that is deemed the worst and therefore the most likely to use gets a head start on the favourites. The head start comes in the form normally of +1.5 goals at the start of the match. The stronger team is therefore handicapped because they start with a 1.5 goal deficit. Achieving half a goal in football is physically impossible and therefore there can only be two outcomes, team A can win or team B can win.

Types Of Asian Handicap

The Level Ball Asian Handicap

This particular type of Asian handicap almost contradicts the name because there literally isn’t any handicap for either team. This method is employed in games which there is no clear favourite and both the teams are very evenly matched. You may be asking, what is the difference between this and a normal bet on a football match? The difference is of course that it still restricts the game to only two outcomes. If you bet on team A and it’s a draw, you get your stake back. Likewise, if you bet on team B and it’s a draw, you also get your stake back.

Whole Handicap

A whole handicap Asian handicap bet, like a level ball also has the chance for the bettor to win their stake back in some opportunities. A whole handicap means that team A may start one goal behind. If the team wins by one goal, the the bettor gets their stake back. This method provides some security to your bet. This type of Asian handicap betting should be used when you are fairly confident that the team you are betting on will win but you don’t know by how many goals that may be by. This bet is similar to a normal, traditional bet, apart from you are trading the fact that you are confident the team will win and eliminating the possibility of losing your money if there is a draw.

Live Asian Handicap

With live Asian handicap betting, the bettor bets live on the portion of the match which is left. This means that the odds can go up or down and can fluctuate whilst playing. The advantages of this method is that you can set the required handicap in accordance to how each team is performing on the day. For example, if a team is in a poor run of form, but is playing well on the day, backing them would give good odds. The in play odds really do increase rapidly the longer that the game goes on without a goal, so you can end up earning a lot of money if you time the placing of the bet correctly.

Quarter Goal Handicap

If the game ends in a draw in this scenario, then a new rule comes into action. The rule states that if you would of won then you only win half the amount and if you would have lost then you only lose half the amount. For example, if team A is a better side and they win the match, you win the money if you back team A and the same happens if you back team B. If the match ends in a draw however, then the result can be fairly complicated to understand at first. If you bet on team B and they start the game a quarter of a goal behind then if the game is a draw, they have technically lost by a quarter of a goal. This is the exact scenario where the bettor would only lose half the amount he would of lost, had Tottenham lost.

Asian Handicap Strategies

People employ different strategies when it comes to Asian handicap betting. This mainly depends on the nature of the football match that they are likely to bet on. For example, if somebody is confident that a team is hard to beat but not amazing at scoring goals then a quarter handicap is a good bet to go with. This is because if they draw, you can end up winning half the amount.

Another strategy is for the level ball type, this is extremely effective for matches which are hard to call. If the match is a league match for example and both teams need the win, then you may be confident that it won’t be a draw as well. This bet is perfect because if it is a draw then you still get your stake back.

In Summary

Asian handicap betting is useful in a number of scenarios because ultimately it either completely eliminates one of the outcomes of a football match, which is if it ends in a draw or it provides you with some form of reimbursement if the match ends in a draw. The strategy was developed in Asia, hence the name and is becoming a very popular way for people to bet on the football. This is because, in general it can minimise some losses and in other methods it can also maximise some wins.

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