Betting Strategies – the Only Way to Success in Sports Betting

Without a betting strategy the chance of success in long term is minor. No one, even those with “beginner’s luck” are immune against failure if they bet regularly. Especially new players often think that betting will secure them very fast and easy high profits. Basically, this view may not be wrong, but nevertheless, new users will find out that the balance on their betting account decreases rather than increase. It is important that you are always aware that your counterpart, the bookmaker, has advantage. That is the reason why we have put together some of the best betting strategies and provide you with further useful tips that will contribute you to have success. The strategies can be implemented at all good online bookmakers. To do this, simply look at our “Bookmaker Experience” section.

How to Find the Best Betting Strategies?

You can develop a good betting strategy all by yourself, of course. Each user sets his bets according to his own system, experience and preferences. Of course, it does not make sense “to change something that is already working fine”, so you should try to learn from the best in sports betting. The editors of have picked out some of the best strategies for betting and analyzed them in terms of the chances of success.

What to Expect from the Strategies on the Internet

Betting on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, it is not surprising that you will find almost countless advices, tips, tricks and strategies for betting on the World Wide Web. In our testing we have found out that not every strategy is bad, only because it is an obscure forum. However, note the following two basic things:

  • Stay away from mathematical strategies that are based only on calculations and rates. Sports betting is not only gambling, it is based on knowledge for the leagues, teams and players.
  • Try not to buy strategies from self-proclaimed professional bettors. In 99.99% of the cases this is a scam.

Three Betting Systems in Brief

Below we would like to show you three systems for betting success:

  • Draw strategy: Bets are only entered for a draw. These tips can be set in system or as single bets. Due to the high quotes this type of betting is worthed in many cases. Statistically, over 34% of all football games in the top leagues finish draw. It is important when using the draw strategy to focus on selected teams and matches, not on complete leagues.
  • Betting on late goals: It’s no secret that stamina and concentration of many teams decreases in the final minutes. That is why goals are often scored in the last 15 minutes.
  • Value Bets: Bookmakers calculate their odds based on the probability of a result. Once their own analysis of the game gives a different prognosis, place a bet on that match.

When is it Useful to Place a Bet Without Strategy?

Betting without a strategy can, of course, be useful sometimes, but only for fun. If you want to place a minimum amount of money on your favourite team, then there is no problem at all. But if you want to have success and make profits from betting, then you should try not trust your hunch and always use a strategy.

How do the Real Pros Bet?

True sports betting professionals usually place their bets in the pre-match sector. Live bets are usually taboo for high rollers, because decisions must be made very quick and no in-depth consideration is possible. Furthermore, live odds move in a very narrow range.

Basically, professionals make single bets with the appropriate odds only. Combination tips are also omitted due to the higher risk of loss.

Five of the Most Important General Principles for Successful Betting

Before you begin to bet with a real strategy, you should familiarize yourself with the basics of typing. Remember that in sports betting on of the most important things you have to remember is: “Knowledge is power, ignorance brings losses.”

  1. Familiarize yourself with the basics of sports betting. You must know in depths everything possible about betting markets and options.
  2. Bet only on leagues of which you are familiar. Try to avoid leagues, games and teams you know nothing about.
  3. Start with a calculated and balanced bankroll. Bet only with money you do not urgently need for other things.
  4. Keep a record of your bets. Your money management is very important. Set a maximum amount of 5% from your total capital per bet. Withdraw profits on a regular basis.
  5. Try to get as often as possible a bonus or a free bet to stabilize your own bankroll from the additional income.

Choose the Right Bookmaker for 2014

Strategy is of course only one of the sides of the coin. Before you start placing your football bets, there are many other aspects that have to be considered. Find out in advance everything possible about the bookmakers, betting taxes and of course – the amount of the payout key. The necessary information about the best online bookmakers in 2014 can be found on Even the sports betting bonus should play an important role in the selection of the right bookmaker. You can reduce the risk of losing at the start tremendously with a good bonus program and stabilize your bankroll as also as make additional profits. That is why we suggest to read carefully the bonus terms of the bookmaker in advance.

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