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In the following text we will try to make a short and trustworthy review of one of the best bookmaker companies – BetVictor.

BetVictor has been a family owned gaming company for over 60 years that offers customers secure, free ways to bet and gamble online and on mobile devices. It offers a variety of different gaming options from football betting to casino games, horse racing, poker and so much more. Also available are Keno, Bingo, Roulette and pinball. BetVictor is one of the most popular gaming and betting sites in the UK and around the world. There are over 500,000 people from over 150 countries all over the world who play and bet everyday using BetVictor. There are many opportunities to play and win money with over 600 games to choose from. BetVictor is a leader in the gaming and betting industry.

Betting Odds9.6

Betting Offer9.5

Betting Bonus9.1

Customer Service8.9

Payment Options9.0



  • PayPal Accepted
  • Perfect Mobile Website
  • Very High Average Odds
  • Solid betting offer


  • Overloaded homepage
  • No phone hotline


  • Bet £5 Get £30 Welcome Bonus. Bet £5 and receive 2x £10 Sports/Virtual Sports Free Bets plus a £10 Casino Bonus

BetVictor Review

Getting Started

Players can start by visiting BetVictor website and creating a free online account. Free online accounts take just a few minutes to set up and will give players access to see all of the games and betting options. Once a free online account is made players can deposit real cash and play for real cash in one of the many games. Players can also bet on one of the many sports games or events that are available even the live betting games. Some of those games and sports include blackjack, slots, American football, Australian football and other sports, games and casino options.

Live Betting

Live betting is betting on a game or event while it is going on. The prices are constantly updated during live betting for the most accurate pricing. One of the best parts about BetVictor is the ability to live bet on so many different games and sports. Live betting is often available for horse racing, football and other sports events and games. Live betting is a great way to get the best odds since you are betting as the game goes on. Players can figure out exactly how much they should bet and how much they can win by watching the game live and live betting. Many companies and sites do not offer live betting.

Using the Website and the App

BetVictor has a full website that is very easy to use. All of the gaming and betting options are listed and easy to find. Simply click on any of the sports or games and you will be directly taken to that corresponding page. BetVictor also has a mobile version in which players can download an app and play right from their phone or tablet or other handheld devices. Having an app makes it easier to play wherever internet is available. Players can pass time on the train or bet on a game while they are out. Simply download the app on your mobile device from BetVictor and use your log-in information to play and bet on the go. Most of the games and betting options are available on mobile devices so you never have to miss a game or event.

The Betting Programme and Odds

BetVictor allows players to bet on a variety of games. Players can bet on basketball, baseball, football, tennis, horse racing, hockey, cricket and so many other sports. There are NFL games, NHL games, MLB games and even college sports to bet on. The website and mobile app are easy to use and makes betting quick and easy. The odds vary depending on a few things. It depends how many people are betting, how much people are betting and how favored some teams or events can be including other factors. BetVictor offers players very fair odds and often offers the best odds available in sports betting. Occasionally BetVictor offers betting promotions in which they guarantee the best odds available for games and sporting events offering players more cash than other sites and companies. BetVictor players enjoy the security of getting fair odds at a reasonable price.

Contacting Customer Support

BetVictor prides itself on having great customer support that is there to help players and customers. Although setting up an online account, playing the games and downloading the app as well as everything else are very easy occasionally problems arise and the customer service at BetVictor are happy to take care of any problems quickly and easily. Customer support is also available for any questions or comments that may come up. Customer support tries very hard to answer all questions and comments within a timely manner. From computer downloading issues to deposit issues the customer service is always available to help any time or any day. There are a few different ways to get in touch with the customer support at BetVictor. The most popular way is through calling customer support directly. The number which is available on their website is a free call for most cities and countries. Another popular way to contact customer support is through their live chat option which gives players and customers instant answers to their problems and questions. Players may also email BetVictor if they wish and customer support will try to answer as quickly as possible. BetVictor is known for its great customer service and helpful employees.

Bonuses and Promotions

Many times when new players sign up for and deposit money on BetVictor they will receive a free bonus or some type of promo. Sometimes it is bonus cash or promo points but it all depends on what promotions are running when players sign up. Sometimes free bonuses are also offered during other deposits or for depositing a certain amount of money. Bonuses can be used on casino games and to bet on certain sports events.


Why BetVictor Has Remained So Popular

For over 6 decades players have trusted and loved the BetVictor company for all gaming and betting needs. Whether customers are looking to bet on sports such as swimming, boxing or rugby or to play games such as Texas Holdem and blackjack BetVictor is often the number one choice. BetVictor offers players over 600 games to play and bet on making it one of the largest varieties that any company or site offers. With so many games to choose from it is easy for players to find one they love and one they are good at. BetVictor is a great way to play the games you love while earning cash and even meeting other players online from all over the world. They are constantly updating their site so players get the best gaming and betting experience and are being offered all the newest and best gaming options. As one of the best and most popular gaming and bookmaking companies BetVictor always offers the best variety of games and sports.

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