Finding the right bookmaker for your bets!

Depending on what you want to place your bet on, how much you want to bet, or even what sport you want to bet on there are different bookmakers for each of these. There are different markets for bookmakers and even online bookmakers for convenience and bookmakers that take bets over the phone. Knowing the different types of bookmakers and what you want to make a bet on, will allow you to use your betting money wisely and efficiently. Some top rated bookmakers that are great to use when you are wanting to place your bet includes the online bookmakers at William Hill, Ladbrokes who specializes in sports betting like rugby and tennis, and Paddy Power for those who are looking to just get started in betting or wanting a little bit of fun with their bets. There are many different bookmakers, but knowing the difference between bookmakers will increase your ability to bet and bet properly. Let’s take a look at some of these key bookmakers and their specialties in the betting world.


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Popular Bookmakers and Their Specialties

One popular bookmaker is Ladbrokes, an online betting site. This site is a popular bookmaker for many reasons. The website offers many different betting markets and is especially great if you are looking for sports betting. They are a top website for Bet Bank Alerts bets including tennis, rugby handicaps, and tournament winner bets. The website has a great look to it and will is capable of hosting a variety of bets – which is great for those that like to bet on many different things! Another top feature of the site is the “Bet Slip” which shows the potential winnings on the right side of the site. The Bet Slip calculates your potential winnings, shows your current selections and bets, and even will work out the odds on doubles or trebles. It is no wonder that this bookmaker is a great one with a top reputation.

Another top bookmaker is William Hill. William Hill has a long list of users and it is clear why: their excellent reputation and top online features. The site showcases top events to place bets on daily and they break down the different categories down to make it simple for customers to find what they want to place their bets on. It is no wonder there are over 2,000 William Hill betting shops across the UK! William Hill offers Bet Bank Alerts which come in handy for football match results.

Have a little fun when you place your bets with Paddy Power, which is an Irish online bookmaker. This bookmaker not only has the usual betting options but also fun novelty options! Place a bet on who is going to win the top show the “X-Factor” or the next James Bond. These bets can be fun, but don’t think that Paddy Power can’t offer you top betting options in sports. Not only does Paddy Power have match tournament betting, but this bookmaker also has a wide selection of “Under/Over” betting. These come in handy if you want to make an Under/Over bet on total points the latest rugby match or total goals for live football matches.

Try your luck with a betting exchange, with a bookmaker like Betfair. Betfair members create their own odds for events by wagering money they want to bet. Wins pay a small commission, usually 5%. Betfair is a leader among betting exchange bookmakers and offers many different betting options and categories. Betfair is also unique in the fact that it allows you to not only back a bet, but also lay a bet. If you lay a bet that means you are betting on something not happening! This unique feature can be fun and can help you bet differently than your usual.

While online bookmakers are very popular, don’t forget that you can still pick up the phone and place your bet! Many online bookmakers also offer a telephone option when betting. Having the one-on-one contact with a person can allow you to avoid any internet glitches, allow you to get closer to the bet you want, or even place a bet that may seem too high for a website.

New Customer Bonus Specials

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  • William Hill Free Bet – Bet £25, Get £25 Free
  • Betfair Free Bet – Bet £10 Get £30 Free

What Makes a Good Bookmaker

A good bookmaker is built on many different factors. Do not be won over only by quick bonuses or specials, but do your research on the bookmaker. A great bookmarker will offer a variety of bets, have an easy to use website, offer a safe and secure way to place bets, and never trap you or your money in fine print. A good bookmaker will also offer quality customer service whether over the internet or over the telephone and will have a reputable reputation to ensure you can make quality bets.

Sports Betting Tips

These bookmakers all offer a wide variety of sports betting options and even different ways to bet on the sporting events. Some will be to win, others will allow you to bet on points, and others will even allow you to bet on what will “not happen”. There are so many options! Below are some extra sports betting tips from some of the top named bookmakers:

  • William Hill is known for offering some of the industry’s best Corner Handicaps on events such as live football matches.
  • Paddy Power has good coverage of the Gaelic sports and Irish events. Some bookmakers will not offer bets on these different events!
  • Don’t misplacing a bet on Asian football matches when using Ladbrokes. This is the industry’s top bookmaker for Asian football and their Asian Handicap coupon shows all the different games and explanations of the handicaps.

In conclusion there are many different bookmakers, but with a little bit of research you can find the perfect bookmaker for the type of bet you want to make, the amount you want to bet, or even what you want to bet on. There are many different things you can bet on from television show outcomes to sporting event scores, and everything in between. Happy betting!