Bovada Betting Limits – One of the best betting limits in the industry!

Bovada offers one of the best betting limits in the industry. The betting limits ensure that the games are well regulated and no one is given an unfair advantage. If you enjoy online betting, you need to use a reliable and convenient sportsbook that caters to all your betting needs. Bovada Sportsbook has the highest rating in the industry with its payouts being the most timely and reliable. Bovada’s betting limits are also quite reasonable and allow you to enjoy your online betting experience.

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Bovada Betting Limits

Bovada has different betting limits depending on the sport and the wager type. The betting limits mainly range from $500 to $2.000. The wager types at Bovada include; single bet, if bet, buying points, multi-single bet, Parlay, teaser, round robin, sweetheart teaser, cross-sport teaser and reverse. The money odds are quoted using a positive or negative sign. A negative signed number indicates the favorite while the positive one indicates the underdogs. The odds in this case represent how much you are willing to risk in order to win.

American Football Betting Limits

The NFL betting limits range from spreads of $2.000, money lines at $1.000, totals at $1.000, Parlays and Teasers at $1.000, Player Props and Futures at $500, Team Props at $1.000 and finally quarter lines at $500. NCAA Football spreads between $1.000 and $2.000 with betting limits on Totals, Parlays and Teasers at $1.000. The betting limits on money lines, Player Props, Team props, Futures and quarter lines are all at $500.

Basketball Betting Limits

The NBA spreads limit is $1.000 with limits on Moneylines, Totals, Parlays, Teasers, Player Props, Futures and Quarter lines being $500. The team Props limits are however $1.000. NCAA basketball on the other hand has the betting limits on each category at $500. The categories include; Moneylines, Totals, Parleys, Teasers, Player Props, Team Props, Futures, 1H/2H Spreads and 1H/2H Totals.

Baseball Betting Limits

The MLB betting limits are: Spreads at $500, Moneylines at $1.000, Totals at $500, Parley at $500, Player Props at $200, Team Props at $300, Futures at $600, 1H/2H Spreads at $500 and 1H/2H Totals at $500. The NHL limits on the other hand are: Moneylines at $1.000 Totals at $500, Parleys at $500, Player Props at $200, Team Props at $200 and Futures at $600. CFL & AFL limits are $500 on Spreads, Totals, Parlays, Teasers and finally futures at $300. Lastly, WNBA betting limits are more or less similar to those of CFL with a $500 limit on Spreads, Totals, Parleys, Teasers and $300 on Futures.

Football and Boxing

The betting limits for football are: Moneylines at $500, Totals at $300, Props at $300 and Futures at $500. The mixed martial art (UFC-MMA) has betting limits of $2.000 on Moneylines and $500 on both Total Rounds and Props. Lastly, the boxing limits are $1.000 on Moneylines and Total rounds wagers and $500 on Props.

Tennis, Golf and Horses

Tennis and Golf are lowest ranked in terms of betting limits with Head-to-head and Futures wagers at $500 while Props limits are $300. The Golf wager limits are similar to those of tennis. The maximum win for horse racing is $50,000. The betting limits on head-to-head wagers are $250, $100 on Props and $250 on Futures. The betting limits may however vary depending on the sport season. As such, pre-season and post-season limits will be different for different sports.

Placing bets on the Bovada sportsbook is easy giving you an online betting experience like no other. The payout methods used by Bovada are also quite straightforward and allow quick access to your money whenever you need it. The assurance that your money is being handled safely and is readily available upon request is what sets Bovada apart from other online sportsbooks.

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