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Finding an ideal online gambling spot can be hard, particularly for those who want to participate in sports betting. This is particularly problematic for American gamblers because the United States has several laws which restrict where sports betting can take place within its own borders. Whether someone loves football, soccer, or another sport entirely though there is a place to turn to find an online sports book that will take any bet. That place is Bovada, and it’s been drawing people from all over the world who want to lay their money down when their favorite teams take the field.

Betting Odds8.7

Betting Offer7.7

Betting Bonus8.4

Customer Service8.2

Payment Options8.3



  • Slick website design.
  • Very Informative Homepage
  • Good Live Betting Service.


  • Small Sports Betting Portfolio
  • Lack of Responsiveness.


  • 50% Welcome Bonus up to 250$

Bovada Review

Player Experience

When it comes to online casinos there is so much that can go wrong, and Bovada has made sure to cut off every potential for a negative experience before it can happen for players. That means that the casino uses only tried and true companies for transferring funds, it offers some of the fairest odds, and it’s made sure that the website is simple to use. There’s no intimidating jargon or confusing, distracting ads all over the place. Bovada is easy to use, straightforward, and it provides everything players could possibly want right at their fingertips. From casino style games to sports betting, all of it accessible with the touch of a few buttons and a simple click or two, this site provides a great experience for all gamblers of all skill levels.

Live Betting

Live betting is always a tricky thing because the bookmaker has to be able to keep up with the game as it’s unfolding. Bovada knows the risks that come with live betting though, and they’ve made certain to prepare for them. While it can still be very touch and go for players who want to try and get in on the action while a game is happening, this site provides a way to do just that. The odds are never truly certain once a match begins though, so players risk taking whatever the game has changed them to, rather than what they were before the match got started.

Play How You Want From The Site or From The App

Bovada knows that different players prefer to access their games in different ways, and that is the reason it provides so many different options for its players. For those who prefer to play from a laptop or tablet the main website has all of the functionality one could want. For players who prefer to place bets while on the go though there is an application that can be put on a mobile device. Both options are completely accessible, though there are subtle differences that players will have to get used to when switching back and forth between the two gambling options. That said the ability to gamble during the morning commute, while on coffee break at work, or from the comfort of one’s home while waiting for the game to get started is fully supported by Bovada’s different access options.

How Are The Odds?

A sports book isn’t like science; the numbers will be different from one book to another. The reason for that is because different books use different bookmakers, and those makers weigh the odds for the same event differently. When it comes to the odds that crop up on Bovada though the best word one could use to describe them is fair. Without getting into the complexities of how odds are decided and what leads a book to weigh one side more heavily than another, Bovada provides the odds with as little bias as possible while still keeping its doors open for business.

Customer Support

Customer support is the backbone of any online gaming establishment, and Bovada knows this better than most. Whenever something goes wrong, whether it’s a frozen screen, a bet that won’t go through, or money that doesn’t want to transfer it’s the quality of the customer service that will get the issue resolved quickly and make the customer happy. Bovada’s customer service can be accessed by any users in minutes via the telephone, email, or an instant messenger to make sure that reporting happens instantly and that clients always have the means to get hold of company representatives. No matter what’s going wrong Bovada puts its best representatives on the case and ensures that issues are handled quickly and professionally so that players can keep on playing with confidence that if something goes wrong it will be handled.

Bonus For New Players

It’s become common place for casinos to offer new players a bonus for joining up, and Bovada is not one to be outdone when it comes to competition. That’s why Bovada offers up to 50 percent on the first bet made (up to $250) as a bonus for new players. This bet has to be made within the first month though, so it’s important that new members come ready to lay their money down by backing their team of choice. For those who would prefer to participate in more traditional casino games there are 8, separate bonuses that add up to over $3,000 in potential earnings. That’s nothing to sneeze at, and for some players that’s a definite reason to sign up.


Is Bovada The Place To Be?

When it comes to sports betting and casino games Bovada is the website that offers players the best of both worlds. This website makes certain it handles all customer complaints with the haste and professionalism they deserve, and it covers the biggest sporting events in the United States and out of it so that if someone wants to lay down a bet he or she can with no additional effort. For players in the United States, for whom sports betting is a dicey thing at best, Bovada fills a niche that can’t really be found elsewhere (provided residents aren’t in New York, Maryland or Washington). Even if Bovada was the only option for a sports book though, it’s certainly a good one to have.

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