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Many individuals enjoy making wagers as to which sports team or horse will win the game or race that they are watching or listening to. Though live streaming of video and commentary is known to sometimes be a minute or two behind the actual timing of the game, many sports enthusiasts gravitate to a good, live-streamed game or race. A plethora of online bookmakers are available for streaming game commentary, live stream games and in-play games for live betting.

Since the Champions League is the biggest football event after the World Cup, top bookmakers put everything they have in order to satisfy their clients with the best quality live streaming of the tournament

Here are just a few of the many online bookmakers that offer convenient live streaming and just one option that does not:

Some Bookmaker Options


Live streaming is supported by bwin. Once you register your free account with bwin, you have to log in with your registered username and password in order to access the available games for live streaming. Of course, you will have the opportunity to enjoy most of the games from the Champions League and thus win while watching the best football clubs in the world. Up to fifty sporting events are usually available on a daily basis and over 1.500 games are available during any given month. As the account holder, in order to benefit from the site’s live game streaming, you have to have credit in your account or you have to have had placed a bet within the last 24 hours before the game that you are interested in watching is being streamed live. In order to activate your account, a deposit of a minimum of 10 euros should be added. This amount will not be charged. Bwin Live Streaming is a free service that bwin offers to their customers. Bwin only needs this deposit so that they know that you are a serious, betting customer. After all, bwin is a betting website.


Тhis sports betting website does not offer nor support live streaming of sporting events. What they do offer is in-play game footage in order for 188bet customers to have live betting opportunities. The U.S.A. is the only country that is forbidden to participate and therefore access 188bet.

William Hill

William Hill is another website that serves multiple countries in a multitude of corresponding languages. William Hill offers live streaming in the form of their customer media port which they call WHTV. This is one of the highest quality of live streaming content for sports events available. In order to fully access the limited daily amounts of live streaming games that William Hill offers, you must become a betting customer and sign up for a free account. There is no requirement to have credit in your account, though, and you do not have to place a bet within 24 hours of the game that you wish to stream live. William Hill also offers radio commentary as a service to their customers for the customer’s own particular reasons.


Betfair offers one of the highest quality sporting event live streaming available on any bookmaker website in the world. Just like any bookmaker site, you must first be a customer before you can stream a game live through their site. You must also maintain your credit that is in your booking account. Some betfair members may also need to have not only a balance in their account but a positive balance as well. This is to promote responsible use of betfair by their betting customers. After registering for your free account, log in and then find the “Live Video” link on the betfair menu ribbon towards the top of the main webpage. A pop-up menu will appear and will prompt you to select what you would like to do. Click on “Sport” to view the page that has all of the sporting events that are able to be streamed live at that time.

In Closing

When choosing a bookmaker for your game betting and live streaming needs, it is always a good idea to do some light research on the subjects in question, namely, the bookmakers themselves. Looking at website and service reviews for a particular bookmaker is better than looking at their official website. The content within the website, as in any business’s website, can be biased when relaying any information about themselves, especially when it comes to money. Make sure that you know all you need to know about your bookmaker of choice, so that you will not have regrets with using them in the long run.

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