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A gambler should carry out extensive research on the betting tips on the Internet to find out if they are credible and if they offer the potential of winning. It is worthy to note that these betting tips are not a guarantee of winning. And for this reason, do not place a bet based on these tips hoping that it will definitely win. Gaining more knowledge about soccer betting is the only sure way to determine if a tip is trustworthy or not. To use these free betting tips successfully, understand rules of betting. Understand the whole procedure before investing your money in it.

The Latest Euro 2016 Betting Tips - Free Sports Betting Tips

Portugal – France Tip 10.07.2016


Germany – France Tip 07.07.2016


Portugal – Wales Tip 06.07.2016


France – Iceland Tip 03.07.2016


Germany – Italy Tip 02.07.2016


Wales – Belgium Tip 01.07.2016


Poland – Portugal Tip 30.06.2016


England – Iceland Tip 27.06.2016


Italy – Spain Tip 27.06.2016


France – Ireland Tip 26.06.2016


How to Use the Free Betting Tips Correctly

• Determine your budget. You need to make up your mind on your maximum betting budget. Settling on a high betting budget may not be financially sound while making a low betting budget may limit you to some extent. As a general rule, a beginner should have a maximum betting budget of $1,000 to lower the risk of huge losses.

• Determine your maximum bet. It is very dangerous placing all your money on one outcome. Spreading the risk between multiple games will do the trick. This is the reason why limiting your maximum bet increases your chances of winning. As a general rule, a beginner’s maximum bet should be $50.

• Choose your tipster. There are several tipsters with good track records that you can choose from, pick the one that best match your needs.

• Bet based on the tipsters tips.

• Pick your betting category carefully. Begin betting on two basic categories. Choose one of the three likely game results; Draw, home win and away win. Predict whether the total number of goals that will be scored in a given game will be under/over 2.5. The risk of betting on the above categories is substantial low.

• Find your probabilities from reliable betting sites. Use internet resources to get probabilities of different matches. Contrast the probabilities provided by the sites you use and the real match outcomes to increase your chances of realizing profits.

• Pick a good bookmaker. A bookmaker with the highest odds for the result you decide to bet on is the most appropriate bookmaker for you. There are lists of bookmakers and the odds for different matches from various betting tips websites.

• Contrast the odds and your betting probabilities. The most used way to contrast bookmaker’s odds and one's probabilities is by multiplying between them. A higher value for a result will mean a higher chance for profit.

Advantages when Using Free Betting Tips at Online Bookmakers

Online bookmakers provide plenty of betting tips that could give beginners and long-time players an extra edge when placing their bets. Read on to see some of the benefits of using free betting tips at online bookmakers.

• Expertise – With online bookmakers you get professionally researched sports betting predictions. The betting tips they provide are based on thorough research and detailed testing. The tips are worth spending time on and taking into account when determining your bets.

• Time Saving – There are a lot of factors to consider prior to placing your bets. There is the time needed to study facts and figures and calculating rates to assist in increasing your odds. Betting tips provide a reliable way to analyze the complex statistics to give you a precisely guaranteed rate.

• Knowledge – To bet successfully you need to be knowledgeable. The more knowledge you have of the game, the more informed your decision making will be when placing your wager. There are many features to a sporting event, and your decision goes much deeper to even using the free betting tips.

Factors that make a good betting tip

Tipster offer betting tips intended to help you make profits from football betting. Every tip offered by different tipsters has been deeply and professionally researched to assist in giving you the best chance to beat the bookmaker. The research covers a broad range of statistics including head to head records, home/away records, current form, goal ratios for/against, suspensions, injuries just to name a few. So what factors make a good betting tip? The long-term reputation of a tipster can show you the quality of a tip. Factors such as the market chosen by the tipster, the league, and most importantly the liquidity available in the event may also help you determine a good tip.

What to look for when choosing the right betting tip

• Reputable Tipsters – Various tipsters offer comprehensive betting tips that may work or may not work for a player. It is wise to go for tips from tipsters that have a good track record and whose tips work.

• Experience – Betting tips that work more often come from experienced and knowledgeable tipsters who are well conversant with the industry.

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