Football Live Streaming

People that are interested in Football Games can use bookmakers who provide live streaming in order to view the games.

What is Live Streaming?

This is live content that is delivered over the Internet. To perform live streaming, you need a camera, a computer program encoder to take the content and digitize it and a network system that takes the content and then it delivers and distributes the media. Another factor about live stream is that it works as a video player and a virtual television studio. The result is that users will have the ability to view the broadcast web video in a manner that is similar to a television network.

What are BookMakers?

These websites offer gambling opportunities for games, sports, and other events. The Websites discussed here, Bwin, Betfair, 188bet, and William Hill are bookmakers. Among the things they have in common is that they can attract gambling individuals from around the world, except the Unites States. That is because, in the US, federal laws prohibit these foreign bookmakers to accept US citizens from participating in such activity. These sites do not allow US citizens to participate in gambling options.

Live Streaming for Football

While it is possible to watch football games on television, live streaming allows you to watch football games live on the Internet. Among football fans, live streaming video football is considered to be a preferable option for games. Now, you can watch live sports streams football free of charge. Why? Because there are no advertisements that come with the game. What you get is the game. That’s it. However, another reason is that the bookmakers use the live streaming option as a way to attract people who want to see games and teams that they are interested in for gambling purposes.

We can now introduce five Internet sites that carry football games.

Bwin Live Streaming

Bwin is an online bookmaker site that offers free live streaming service in a variety of sports, including football.

  • Is it 100% Free? YES. You just have to make a free registration. So watching live videos at Bwin is free of charge.
  • Now once you logon, how is the quality of the broadcast? In other words, is the quality good enough when compared to a TV presentation? Again, yes. The quality is good, meaning that customers can watch Bwin by using an Internet connection.
  • How does a football fan get to watch the live streaming video? Easy. Go to the Internet website, register, and go to the football site.

Where is Bwin located? The company, ElectraWorks Limited, located in Gibraltar runs the operational activities on Bwin.

BetFair Live Streaming

This bookmaker has a live streaming video system that is available to users. It is free to use once you sign up as a member of the Betfair system.

Betfair presents a live streaming service to all members. How do you access it? Simple, it can be found by clicking the Live Video tab that is located on the “Sports” page. Moreover, all of the upcoming events are listed to the right of the window. This means that you won’t miss the event that you are waiting for.

Where is Betfair located? The company is based in Hammersmith in West London, England.

188Bet Live Streaming

Live Streaming is possible; however, there are reported problems with accessing the website. The significant one is that US connections cannot be made because by US law US citizens cannot make bets with foreign bookmakers. In that case, with 188Bet, you cannot even get to their website.

This bookmaker site is not available to be accessed by US Internet connections.

William Hill Live Streaming

Williamhill offers live streaming for many sports events called the WHTV. Using the WHTV service lets you watch sports just as it happens alongside their market call Live In-Play.

To gain access to the live stream, first open an account with William Hill. Then you have a choice to click the ‘Live Streaming’ tab on the top nav bar. Another option is to view the live streams that sit in the Play section. This is a free account.

Where is the William Hill site located? It is located in the United Kingdom.

Note: This website is not available to be accessed by US Internet connections.


The bookmaker firms offer the opportunity to individuals to bet on games and sports. They also offer streaming video options so that you can watch the football games on which gambling and betting is occurring. The streaming video lets you keep in contact with the games as they are playing so you will have a visual view and you can anticipate whether you will win or lose the gambling bet.

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