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The Football World Cup 2014 is going to be the 20th consecutive World Championship, which will be played in Brazil from the 12th of June to the 13th of July 2014. This will be the second time Brazil are hosts to the competition with the last time being in the distant 1950. Brazil were selected as host nation in 2007 after the international football federation decided that the tournament would be conducted in South America for the first time since 1978. An interesting fact, also, is this is the fifth time a country from South America is host to the most prestige football tournament in the world.

The national teams of 31 countries advanced through qualifications which began in June 2011 to participate with the host nation in the final tournament. A total of 64 matches are going to be played in twelve cities across Brazil in either new or renovated stadiums. The tournament begins with a group stage with the 32 teams divided in 8 groups – four teams in each group. This will also be the first time in the history of World Cup Finals where the use of the new goal-line technology will be permitted.

With Brazil, all world champion teams since the first World Cup, which was conducted in Uruguay (Uruguay, Germany, England, Italy, Argentina, Spain and France) are going to participate. Spain is the defending champion, having won over the Netherlands 1–0 in the 2010 World Cup Final to claim their first World title. The previous four World Cups situated in South America were all won by teams from the same continent.


On 7 March 2003, FIFA announced that the 20th consecutive World Championship would be held in South America for the first time since 1978. The decision meant that this would be the first time when two consecutive World Cups would be conducted outside Europe with the previous FIFA World Cup held in South Africa.

On 3 June 2003, the South American Football Confederation initially announced that Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia declared interest to host the finals, but, by March 2004, the association had solid decided to choose Brazil as their sole candidate.

During the intervening months, Colombia decided that it would enter its own offer, and declared its candidacy in December 2006.  A week earlier Brazil had also formally announced its interest. However, Colombia officially withdrew its bid in April 2007, leaving Brazil as the only host candidate. On 30 October 2007 FIFA officially confirmed that Brazil would host the event for second time in its history.


Eighteen cities were presented by Brazil as potential World Cup host cities but FIFA proposed that no more than one city can use two stadiums, and the number of host cities is limited between eight and ten. The proposal of the then-Head of the Brazilian Football Confederation Ricardo Teixeira to use twelve host cities in “the interest of the whole country” was however accepted in December 2008. The twelve host cities were announced on 31 May 2009, with six of them being rejected and one other already withdrawn in January 2009. The twelve selections – each of them the capital of the state – cover all the main regions and create an evenly distributed hosting, although that way the tournament will require significant long-distance travel for the participating teams.

Five of the chosen host cities have brand new stadiums built specifically for the FIFA World Cup 2014 with the other seven extensively renovated. The Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro is the largest of the stadiums and will stage the final. The Brazilian Football Confederation, in the beginning, intended the host city for the opening match to be São Paulo but it was dropped in 2010 and replaced by the Arena Corinthians after failing to provide financial guarantees for the required improvements.



The 32 qualified teams were divided by FIFA into 4 Pots, with the seven highest-ranked teams put in the seeded first pot with the team of Brazil. The pots reflected the continents from which the teams were, so except the seeds pot, the other three were – Africa and South America, Europe and Asia and North America. After the pots were finished, the teams were distributed in eight groups, the first two teams of every one of them to qualify for the 1 / 8 finals of the FIFA World Cup 2014.


The FIFA World Cup 2014 is going to be the first tournament of such scale, in which two new technologies will be used. Both the Invisible Spray and Goal-line technology have been trialed on various tournaments such as the 2013 FIFA U-20 World Cup, the 2013 FIFA U-17 World Cup and the last two Club World Cups but were not approved before the last World Championship in South Africa, where the team of England had a goal denied in the match against the squad of Germany. A not so familiar technology is the Vanishing Spray, which is a water-based spray that vanishes after one minute. It will be used to mark the ten-yard line for the defending team in free kicks.


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First is the World Cup 2014 Schedule & Fixtures, where you can find everything regarding the group stages, the exact dates and hours of the games, both from the group stages and the knockout phase, and the scheme of the tournament. The World Cup 2014 in Brazil will begin on the 12th June with a game from Group A between the hosts and the team of Croatia. The final whistle will be blown on the 13th July 2014 with the best two teams fighting for the most prestigious trophy in the football world. Before that match, a total of 63 games will be played, both in the group and knockout stages.

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The Golden Boot winner – Thomas Muller, who had not a single goal for Germany until that tournament, had an odd rate of 13.0 before the game for third place against Uruguay. Even then, bookies predicted that either David Villa from Spain or Wesley Sneijder from Netherlands will win the prize with odd rates of 6.0.

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As we mentioned, the 32 teams were organised in four pots, with the teams of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Colombia and Germany put in the seeded pot. After organising the pots, they were separated into 8 groups, with the team from the seeded pot being the leader in its group. Each team will play one match against the other three teams in the group with the first two teams from the group qualifying for the Knockout stage of the FIFA World Cup 2014. Of course, you are able to see what team will draw your favourite one if it eventually qualifies from its group in the specially designed World Cup Schedule section.

Despite not being favourites, teams like Italy, Portugal, with their superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (winner of the Golden Ball for 2013), France, England and Netherlands, have what it takes to overcome any opponent. After all, every each of the 32 teams has proceeded through the qualifications on its own continent and can be proud to be one of the best 32 teams in the world. There are simply no weak teams on such tournaments with the dream of every football player in the next three months being to step on the field in Rio on the 13th July.

Although not seeded, it is hard to imagine that teams such as England, Italy or France will not do their best to lift the trophy in Rio becoming the 20th World Champion in the most expensive FIFA World Cup to this day. The total cost for the preparations of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil is estimated at $14 billion, which exceeds more than twice the cost for the tournament held in South Africa four years earlier – $6 billion.


The FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 will take place in Brazil from the 12th June until the 13th July 2014, becoming the top football event of the year. The opening ceremony and the first match of the FIFA World Cup 2014 will take place in Sao Paulo, while the final will be hosted by the iconic for football fans Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro. The favourites for winning the trophy are the current champions from Spain, along with the teams of Brazil, Argentina and Germany. Of course, teams like England, France, Netherlands,Uruguay, Italy and Colombia should not be excluded, too. As a conclusion, we can say that it will be one crazy football summer with a lot of goals and emotions and, of course, a lot of betting.

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