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The modern way of betting has seen people turn to the internet to place their bets on sports. People no longer have to place their bets on the game before it has all started, they can place bets whilst it is happening. The advantages of live betting are that you can change your mind and the type of bet depending on the result of the game so far. One of the most popular things that people live bet on for example, is football matches. The hard thing about predicting the results of football matches is that you never know how the teams will perform on the day. No matter how in form a team is, they can still have a bad day at the office.

Live betting lets you see how the teams perform and then place your bets. Obviously, some of the odds are diminished and lower than they would of been before the game. The longer you leave it to make a live bet, the easier it will be to predict the result. However, the lower the odds get as well. The odds are also ever changing and fluctuating, this means that if you spot a bet with good odds, you should probably take it before it changes.

Types Of Live Betting

Live betting can take place on the majority of sports. One exception is obviously horse racing because the races are far too short to be able to do it. The easiest way to place a live bet is by doing it online, whilst watching the game. If you are studying the game it may make it easier to make a prediction. Live betting now lets you bet on practically anything you could of bet on at the start of the game, whilst the game is going on with the odds changing depending on the game.

Some people choose to place high stakes towards the end of sporting games. Towards the end, it is easy to predict the result and therefore the odds are not brilliant. However, if there are several matches, a multiple bet can be placed, which greatly increases the odds. This means that a small profit can be made by placing a very high stake and this is at relatively low risk because the outcome of the games is highly predictable.

To sum up, live betting incorporates most of the bets that somebody could place before the game but the odds are always changing. For example, for every minute of a football game, the odds change and for every event in a game, like a goal or a sending off, the odds dramatically change. Live betting provides a thrill like no other and is becoming a very popular way of making some extra money.

Live Betting Strategies

People tend to take advantage of the fact that the odds will increase for a team to win up to the point where a goal is scored in football, when they will dramatically change. Many people choose a point in the game, before it starts and say if the odds are 1.5 times they were at the start or more, then they will place a bet and if it isn’t, they will not place a bet. This strategy is called the over 1.5 betting strategy. The strategy is where players do not bet for the first 30 minutes of the game but at 30 minutes or over, if the odds are at 1.5, then a bet is placed.

One strategy is to place bets on both outcomes of a match. This works best in tennis, because there is always one clear winner in a tennis match. By placing a bet before the game on one of the players, you secure some money if they win. Depending on how the game plans out, if your player is winning, then placing a small bet on the other may be worthwhile. The odds will be increased because this player is losing and then, no matter what you may win some money. This method can really reduce losses.

There are several other strategies that all rely on one key factor. A successful bettor should have a bet in mind before the game starts and if they get the desired odds they want for the bet or if it looks increasingly likely, then they should place a bet, if it doesn’t look likely, then they shouldn’t place a bet, so either way they haven’t lost anything, whereas, without live betting they could of done. Live betting is advantageous mainly because it can reduce the losses, it can also diminish the profit’s but the best thing about it is, that many strategies mean that when you lose, you don’t lose by a large amount and you lose less often.

The best strategy to employ also is to use some of your own knowledge. If you have knowledge about rugby and there is a rugby game, analyse the match and go with your gut instinct and it may just pay off. You could also listen to the commentary or the pundit’s at half time to pick up helpful tips for who to bet on.

In Summary

When it comes to live betting, the main advantage is that you have increased knowledge and therefore there is a better chance that your bet will be successful. You can use your own knowledge and you will be better equipped with more useful knowledge of how the team is playing on the day of the game than you would be if you were to place a bet before hand.

By employing strategies and setting strict guidelines, live betting can be a very successful business for you because it greatly reduces your losses and in some cases can also increase your winnings, this means that overall you can end up winning more money than you would placing the same betes before the game has started, rather than doing it in play.

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