What is Multiple Betting?

From a gamblers’ point of view, the perfect bet consists of a low stake (the money which you lose), because this means low risk and a high payout because this means a high profit. Betting on the result of a sporting match, like football may be very easy to predict but the returns may be low. This is where multiple betting comes in.

By betting on the results of lots of different events, such as horse racing, football, tennis, rugby or many more sports, the odds can increase rapidly and therefore the payout is much higher and you can bet relatively low stakes. The reason that the odds increase so much is because when you place a bet that relies on a separate bet to also occur, the odds are multiplied together.

The way to picture it is, if you have two separate events each occurring at 2/1 odds, if you place two separate £1.00 bets on them and they both win, you will get £4.00 profit. However, if you place the two bets as a multiple bet the odds accumulate. This means the chance of both events happening is 4/1 and therefore, you will make £8.00 when staking £2.00.

Features and Possibilities With Multiple Betting

The odds can escalate rather quickly through multiple betting if there are several different folds to the bet (you bet on more things). This is often the preferred way for people to bet because one large win can account for weeks and even months of losses, so you don’t have to win often in order to be ahead overall. The great thing is that the individual events don’t actually have that high odds so there is always a good chance your bet will win.

This method is also popular because it allows people to bet on the favourites of different sporting events, which is desirable because they are more likely to win, and the odds also remain pretty decent because each favourite multiplied together will get a high number. On the majority of betting sites as well, multiple betting allows you to bet on a variety of different sports as well, for example you can accumulate horse racing, football and tennis together in a single bet on quite a lot of betting sites.

The major downside to this form of betting is that it only takes one of the seven events you have betted on or one of the six bets you have betted on or even one of the 12 bets you have betted on, that means you lose your money. There is no credit or no recognition for getting the other 6, 5 or 11 bets correct, well, not traditionally anyway.

Some sites, such as Betfair offer accumulators, which multiple bets are often referred to as, that you can cash out whilst you are ahead. The amount you can cash out is not as much as the amount you may win but it is still a win and you will have still made a profit on your investment. This feature is relatively new and only works in certain, specific situations on certain sites.

The Best Strategies Of Multiple Betting

The best thing to do with multiple betting is to mainly bet on the favourites of the events. What many people do is bet the majority of their folds on favourites, so maybe 4 out of the 5, and have the fifth one, something with higher odds so that the total odds are much higher.

Another must do thing to limit the amount of different folds in your bet. As explained before, if one of your events fails then you will receive no credit for the rest of them succeeding, the majority of the time. By limiting the amount of folds you are increasing the chances of many different events occurring together.

The third thing to remember is that the art of multiple betting should be used with low stakes. This minimises losses and means that one win can cancel out months and months of losing small amounts. The low stakes method is used by many but you must be cautious that you don’t gradually increase the amount you bet. If you do this, your gambling can spiral out of control and you can end up losing large amounts of money.

The most important thing though, is to only make one bet. There is no point making two separate multiple bets because as explained at the very start, you are not going to make as much money as you would if you simply just put them all together and let the odds soar.

In Summary

Multiple betting has become one of the most popular ways for people to bet in the modern world. Betting websites make it so easy for you to try out different combinations and see what odds they get, automatically calculating it for you. This can let people pick and choose until they find the bet that is right for them.

The modern world lets you pick and choose and cross different sports together which is something that entices many people. Multiple betting is generally considered to have much less risk than other forms of gambling. However, all gambling poses risks of the person becoming addicted.

Multiple betting is perfect for those people who have a little bit of disposable income and enjoy watching sports that they have a wager on. The method of multiple betting lets you risk small amounts of money in the hope that it will return large amounts of money. For this reason, it is relatively safe, as long as the person knows their limit and gambles in moderation. A multiple better must bet low amounts of money every week and must have an upper limit which they can not exceed. What a multiple better should not do is think about the money they lost last week and place double this week, as this is how it may spiral out of control.

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