What Is A No-Deposit Betting Bonus?

Online gambling can be a fun and exciting way to pass the time. However, this pastime requires income to spare. The risk of losing real money can sometimes cause players to hesitate when signing up for betting sites. Bookmakers, however, have found an easy way to help lessen the risk their new customers take when signing up. A no-deposit bonus is free money that a bookmaker gives to new customers as a reward for opening an account with them. This bonus is given free of charge and no initial deposit to the betting account is necessary. Bookmakers use this type of promotion to attract customers to their site and pull them away from their competitors. This bonus is a fun incentive that can help new gamblers gain confidence in the game. Who wouldn’t enjoy placing a free bet without any risk to their own money? Bookmakers count on this no-risk gambling to get their customers hooked on the game and to keep them coming back. While many bookmakers do offer a no-deposit bonus, a majority of these bonuses are only offered on casino gambling. Sites that offer betting on events such as football tournaments, horse racing, ice hockey and other sports, typically do not offer no-deposit bonuses for these events.

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How To Earn The Bonus?

While a no-deposit bonus is free of charge to the customer, there are usually some terms and conditions that need to be met and kept to qualify. For example, BetVictor, a popular gambling site offers a €175 real cash welcome bonus for new customers. This real cash bonus may be used to place bets, but will not be returned to the player’s account if they win. If a player uses his €175 to win a €300 prize, the player will only receive the difference of €125 back in their account. This can be confusing to some players who were shown an estimated winning of €300. With that being said, the player still wins a free €125 without risking any of his own money. The no-deposit bonus is also subject to an expiry date at BetVictor and cannot be combined with a player’s own money to place a bet. Some game sites also require a bonus code or voucher that the player must enter at sign up to receive the funds. The no-deposit bonus should not be confused with a free bet. To receive a free bet, the player must deposit his own money into the account before the company will award the free money.

Existing Customers

These types of bonuses are great for the customer who is setting up a new account with a bookmaker, but what about the existing customers? Is there any free money out there for the loyal customers who spend their hard earned money with a bookmaker week after week? Good news is there are plenty of promotions out there for existing customers as well. Many bookmakers have a bet refund promotion for their seasoned players. The bet refund is similar to the no-deposit bonus because you don’t have to make a deposit into your account to receive the refund. You simply make a bet and if you lose, the bookmaker will refund the bet amount back into your account. There are certain terms and conditions that apply so read the fine print carefully. This is another simple incentive that keeps loyal players coming back. Also, some bookmakers offer a free bet promotion to their existing customers. While the free bet is not entirely free to a new customer signing up to the site, it can be seen as free to someone who already has an active account and plays regularly. For existing customers, there is no deposit necessary to take advantage of this promotion. You simply have to place a bet on one of the included games and the free bet will be added to your account or the bookmaker will increase your bet amount to include the free bet.

Is It Worth It?

For players that like to play often, the no-deposit bonus is worth signing up for. You can start out risk free and win some free money in the process. The terms and conditions involved in receiving a no deposit bonus are usually very few. All you need to do is create an account and place a bet. With most bookmaker sites, the only stipulations are that you can’t win the free money back, you can’t withdraw the free money out of the account, and you must use the money within the time allotted.

In Summary

The no-deposit bonus is a win-win situation for both customers and bookmakers. It’s an instant reward that attracts new and experienced customers. It decreases the risk involved when placing bets, which makes the gaming experience more exciting. Everyone loves free money!