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Sports fans will even skip important meeting or fail to go to job just to catch that game live. The ultimate show of loyalty to your team can only be shown by backing it with your own money to win. As the team wins the game you have two reasons to celebrate; one being your team’s win and the other being the money won after the team winning. Any game that is played on the world can be bet for and immediately the game ends money is won. Sport betting has been around for centuries and it just keeps getting better.

In the past, most of the betting was done in the casinos but with the internet, online betting has taken over by a storm. Thousands of bookmakers such as Bwin, 188bet, Dafabet and Sportingbet have seen this opportunity and started the online betting business covering thousands of games to be bet in a single week. With wagers coming from all over the world and only doing it through their computers, online betting is here to stay.


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The different bookmakers online have odds which determine how much you win. 188bet for instance has odds calculated as 1.50 in the UK. It has some rules that can allow a wager to only withdraw up to $500.000 or its equivalent in other currencies per single day no matter how much was on. Dafabet, Bwin, and Sportingbet all have their odds expressed as a fraction. Each game has its winning odds with the opponents getting their own specific odd. For a game that can have 3 results, 3 odds are given for a wager to choose one.

Bwin has three types of odds which fit the particular sport a wager is betting in. It has over 90 sports available for betting and daily bets topping 90.000. They have point spread odds, over/under odds, and the moneyline bets. Other bookmakers still have these types of bets but Bwin is the biggest one in terms of bets placed on daily basis.

Importance of Odds in Sports Betting

It would be total confusion if there were no betting odds. Both the house and the punter need to know exactly before the game starts what they are bargaining for and what they expect as the outcome at the end of that game. If for a fact a game is won in favor of the bettor then they know that they should win immediately and if they lose they swallow it without any conflict with the house. No one likes to lose but if you lose fairly it is less painful.

The odds are what guide a punter on whether to bet or not to. Take for example a football game between Chelsea and Arsenal. This game has three possible outcomes; win, draw or lose for either of the teams which are expressed as 1: X: 2. The letter one means you are betting for Chelsea to win, X is for a draw and 2 is for Arsenal win. This game you may find the odds this way 1.25: 2.01: 1:70 for 1: X: 2 respectively. This kind of odd means that for every dollar you bet for Chelsea to win, you expect to win 1.25 times.

A wager who will places a bet of $10.000 for 1 expects to win $12.500 at the end of the 90 minutes of play if Chelsea wins. In the case of draw or lose for Chelsea the wager loses all the $10.000. A punter who places a bet for a draw and the game is a draw at the final whistle he will win 2.01 times the amount he bet.

The odds are possible exploits for the punter. A good punter will go through all available bets and the odds the bookmaker has allocated. The bookmaker always placed a fraction for the team they think will win and a big odd for one that they think will lose depending on previous experiences. A big team playing a small team you expect the odds to be 3/10 for that big team and 10/4 for the small team the reason being the big team has higher chances of winning than the small one. This however does not happen all the time as the small team might be well prepared and get a surprise win. A punter who had done research well on that particular game and his research shows that the small team is better positioned to win the game then he can exploit the odds and win big.

The chances of winning in betting are quite high for experienced wagers than new ones. Those experienced will invest a lot of time in doing analysis of the games, and also looking at the odds allocated for the teams. Some people having winning rates of above 90% yet others don’t last in the betting world for long due to net losing bets. What causes this difference is the approach the punter uses when making a bet. A good approach would be betting only games you have high confidence you will win and not any game. This should not be based on hunch only but considerable amount of time invested in researching updated information on the upcoming game.

Bookmakers rates differences

Each bookmaker sets its own odds based on their assessment of the outcomes of the game. Their analysis will obviously differ to that of other bookmakers but it will be generally within the same range. Sometimes you may find one bookmaker completely differing on the odds offered for that bet which can be too risky for them if they lose that bet to wagers.

You should choose a bookmaker that has reasonable odds which allow you to win good money. It is not worthy choosing one who will give you an odd of 1.01 for all the bets you want to make as this is simply risking all your money for nothing. A bookmaker who gives big odds also risks huge losses and may lead to close down in the near future so you should avoid it.


There is nothing that gives you quick good cash as sports betting in the U.K. Anyone can do it either as a full time job or just a way to earn some extra cash. Any wager knows that spotting betting is not about luck but research and analysis. Choosing a good bookmaker who gives good odds for your bets also determines how you win. You should be aware sport betting just like any other kind of betting can lead to losses but this can be minimised by taking calculated risks.