Paddy Power Betting Limits – a breakdown of limits for each sport

Paddy Power is a neat little Irish betting app that you can use right from your SmartPhone. Focusing on sports, you can bet on anything from football to horse racing. This gives you a chance at earning huge payouts, but there are some limits for the high rollers. Below, you will find Paddy Power’s betting limits so that you know how much you are allowed to play with.

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Paddy Power Betting Limits

Betting Limits

Each betting limit is broken up by sport, and so you need to check and make sure that you fall within your betting limit for the sport that you choose before actually trying to place your bet. One thing that you should keep in mind is that the betting limit set for each sport is only limited to that sport, and you can place multiple limits during a single day. For example, you could bet the limit of €500,000 for soccer while betting €250,000 for golf in a single day. Each of these are the limit for that given sport.

Minimum Bet

Although there is a maximum betting limit, there is also a minimum one that you must place down. The minimum for all races is £15, while everything else is set only at £10.

Horse Racing

There are several limits set for horse racing, depending on the type of race and betting system that you use. Here is a breakdown of your betting limits for this sport:

  • Ante-post horse racing is capped at €200,000
  • Virtual horse racing is capped at €50,000
  • All other forms of horse racing bets capped at €50,000

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is separated into a different category than horse racing, despite them being similar. Your maximum betting limits for this sport are as follows:

  • Ante-post Greyhound racing bets are capped at €100,000
  • Greyhound racing bets being shown live through Sky or Terrestrial TV capped at €25,000
  • Greyhound races being watched in Ireland capped at €5,000
  • Virtual greyhound racing is capped at €50,000
  • All other forms of Greyhound racing is capped at €10,000


Football is a seasonal sport that you can bet on during tournaments such as the World Cup or domestic championships and cups. You have a maximum limit for all soccer bets, which doesn’t have any special limit change that is based off the way that you bet or the game that is being played. The betting limit set for football games at Paddy Power is €500,000 per game.


Golf is a slow played sport that is dependent on how many hits it takes to get the golf ball into the hole in a series of 18. The betting limit for golf is set at €250,000 per match.


The GAA betting limit is set to be capped at €100,000.

Paddy Power’s Million Dollar Lottery

Although the name pretty much sums it up, your maximum payout for Paddy Power’s lottery is set to cap at €1,000,000. This is also the same for Euro’s Match 5.


Paddy Power also offers other forms of lottery betting that are outside the big million dollar payout. These have their own limits. All other lottery games played through Paddy Power are capped at €250,000.


Any other sports that are not laid out here are capped at €100,000, which are typically less popular or seasonal sports. Other non-sportive bets that are placed through Paddy Power, such as television competitions or politics, have a cap at €25,000. These are less frequent.

Day By Day

Some of the payouts you see above are not limited to a single game like the sporting bets. You may be limited to a maximum betting limit over the course of a day rather than a single competition or event, depending on the type of betting that you may be playing. Any special events that you are unsure of will typically have their maximum betting limit written out along with the event advertisement, or at least somewhere easy to find within Paddy Power. Special events will also have a daily limit, which may be higher or lower than what a betting category typically will be.

Single Customer

Paddy Power does not allow for you to have another customer place a bet using their own account on your behalf in an attempt to raise your betting limit. If Paddy Power knows that this is happening, they reserve the right to set a limit on both players so that it equals out to the daily maximum payout for the category that is being bet on.


These betting limits are set for the protection of bother customers as well as Paddy Power. Many of them will reset at either midnight or after an event has finished, allowing you to place a new bet within the same category again. Your bets are designed for you, and should not be shared within a group or with another customer. Enjoy Paddy Power and good luck!

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