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Betting is something that many people find confusing and frustrating because they don’t understand how to pick a winner which is not the case when using the betting tips of Paddy Power. However, it’s a good idea to find a bookmaker that you trust like Paddy Power and follow their betting tips instead of relying on your own feelings, as they are they experts who have studied all the statistics and other factors to determine the most likely winning scenarios.

Now, with more than 170 outlets, Paddy Power betting started in 1988 and is now considered the top bookmaker in Ireland, as well as a top leader in all of the UK. Its claim to fame is the Paddy Power approach to sports betting, which is considered to be innovative and untraditional. Plus, Paddy Power is famous for offering more value to their customers in the form of things like money back specials and novelty bets. Plus, they offer bonuses to new clients.


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Paddy Power Offers Betting Tips for All Kinds of Sports

Paddy Power is known for helping clients to make bets on sports like football, basketball, volleyball, golf, cricket and more in both the UK and the US. Paddy Power offers betting tips online that are live and ongoing in areas like horse racing and football that can be made via phone call or on the website. It’s simple to create an account and bet on the sports event of your choice.

Live Betting Tips Are Available for Some Events

The area for live betting at the Paddy Power website is full of action packed events that include being able to bet on upcoming horse races, baseball games, football games, and US basketball games. There are also opportunities to bet on things like the Chinese Super League, as well as several cups, such as the ones from Chile, Colombia and Brazil; and other sports events in countries like Japan, Iceland, Portugal, Guatemala, Peru, Singapore, Peru, and more. You can read up on the upcoming events and know how many live events are available to get betting tips and to make a wager if you so desire in any of these areas.

Asian Handicap Betting Tips, Offers

A new trend that many online bookmakers use is Asian handicap betting and betting tips. This kind of betting comes from the eastern world and is a method that can help to increase the chances of a win. It is especially popular when betting on football games.

For instance, in a regular bet on a football game the odds are fixed so you either win or lose depending on the team you bet on. However, with Asian handicap betting, a bet can be won no matter if the chosen team loses or ties. That’s because it considers a tie like a win. With Paddy Power betting tips, you get one of the best ranges of services and prices, and it can add an interesting angle to an online bet.

Over/Under Betting Tips

Paddy Power also has some of the most competitive over/under betting, which is a very popular style of betting in which the bookmaker sets a certain amount of points that the bettor thinks will be scored in a game and you would bet that they end up coming under or going over this total. Paddy Power has over/under betting tips and events with a wide range of over/under numbers to choose from.

Score Betting Tips

This is a form of betting where the bookmaker banks on both teams scoring a certain number of points, and it is another great choice for clients to use as a betting strategy on the Paddy Power website for football and other matches.

Score betting is a kind of bet that many bookmakers have fun making and the payout for the clients is usually not very high. Bookmakers can make out because they win if no one scores. Sometimes incentives like money back guarantees are made when score betting is allowed. For instance, Paddy Power has been known to offer this guarantee if a certain team scores the last point in a game and then everyone who is a loser gets their money returned in a fun gesture.

Three Way Betting Tips

This is a method of betting in which the client can bet on whether or not there will be a win, lose or draw. These are used in hockey sometimes, but not as often as in other sports. It is yet another way to bet using Paddy Power as your bookmaker and you can get appropriate betting tips for your chosen match.

Free Betting Tips – Are They Trustworthy?

Most of the betting tips on Paddy Power are of course bets that the client must pay for, however, there are a few free betting tips. All you have to do is put “Free tips” into the search box on the Paddy Power website and you will see what the current free betting tips are that are being offered. Just because they are free, they are still trustworthy due to the fact that Paddy Power wants its clients to feel that they are able to rely on their famous betting tips in sports and other venues.

Paddy Power Blog and Forum Area

Paddy Power also has a blog and forum area where readers can get the latest information on topics like horse racing and football current events, as well as read the top sporting news about events all over the world. There is also a special “mischief” area of the blog where readers can find tips on more than just the betting scene. For instance, they can find tips on how to survive holidays like St. Patrick’s Day at the track or watch videos on current events or even find out how to enter one of the Paddy Power frequent contests.


The bottom line is that Paddy Power has been in the business of helping customers all over the world to place bets both online and elsewhere since 1988. They are dedicated to assisting their clients in making the best possible bets in sports and other areas.

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