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Pinnacle Sports are a popular online bookmaker, which are advertised of having the best odds and rates on the internet. The betting provider uses a unique model, which allows low marge and thus can offer highеr rates and quotas. Those are the main reasons for which Pinnacle Sports are considered of having the highest betting limits of all sports betting providers on the Internet.

Betting Odds9.6

Betting Offer9.7

Betting Bonus9.3

Customer Service9.4

Payment Options9.2



  • Great Range of Asian Handicaps with High Limits
  • The Best Odds on the Online Market
  • No Betting Taxes
  • Fantastic Mobile Interface


  • No Live Chat
  • No Welcome Bonus for New Players


  • Always the Best Odds

Pinnacle Bonus

Experience with the dynamic rates of Pinnacle Sports

There is no doubt that currently Pinnacle Sports offer the best available odd rates. Due to the low margin no other bookie can keep up with the rates that Pinnacle Sports offer. All other bookmakers are almost always significantly lower than Pinnacle Sports. On top of that you do not have to pay any betting tax which is not the case with Bet365 and other bookmakers. In addition, the odd rates at Pinnacle Sports are very dynamic and responsive even at low stakes, so the rate accurately reflects the betting behavior of the users.

With the best rates available, logically you can achieve the highest profit possible. Here is an example: In the Champions League Final Real Madrid faced Atletico Madrid. Real Madrid were favourites with a rate @2.10. With a stake of 200 Euro at Pinnacle Sports, you would have won 420 Euro and thus generate a 220 Euro profit. At the same time bet365 had the rates for Real Madrid @1.95, which is significantly lower (because of the higher margin). Here, with a stake of 200 Euro you could have won only 390 Euro which means a profit of 190 Euro. Since bet365 deduct 5% tax on sales (which is not the case at Pinnacle Sports), additional 19.50 would have been deducted, so the actual profit would have been 171.50 Euro. The difference between the two bookmakers becomes 49.50 Euro and that is only from a single game. Even bets at lower rates are taxed, so even potential profits will be reduced. Even without a betting tax loss would be tangible due to the so-called ROI (Return on Investment).This is where the major strengths of Pinnacle Sports are, so the overall experience at the bookie is very good.

General Experience with Live Betting at Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle Sports have a very good offer for live betting, but nothing remarkable on the whole. Only the biggest leagues are included which makes the bookmaker best for pre-game bets and players. Actually, the overall feeling of using the live betting at Pinnacle Sports is very satisfying – performance is good and betting takes only a couple of seconds.

Pinnacle Sports and their homepage

The page layout is designed very professionally. The structure of the page covers more of the behavior of the professional sports bettor. Combinated bets can be played under the category “Parlays”, but are relatively complicated for beginners. So, it is no surprise that Pinnacle Sports are more focused at the betting behavior of players who make single bets. It is exactly this type of players that benefit the most from the high odds rates. In the beginning the site might seem very confusing at first glance but experienced players will love it right from the start. On the whole, it is very unlikely to experience any problems while betting with a large amount of money, 500 Euro for example, no matter it is a football, tennis or baseball match. This is a proof that Pinnacle Sports keep their promise that neither successful players, nor stakes are limited.

Pinnacle Sports Betting Program

The betting program of Pinnacle Sports is described as lush, but has some not so popular leagues in it. In contrast to many other bookmakers, here you can bet on matches from 3. Liga of Italy, the Oberligen of Germany and many leagues from around the world including Australia, South America, North America and Asia. It will be better, however, if you concentrate on more popular sports because they have the best odds on the market. Certain special bets such as goal scorers or number of goals scored in one half are missing here. Betting fans who love to bet on number of cards, corners or offsides, will not feel truly at home. Pinnacle places a lot of emphasis on pure athletic competition which is why the bookmaker is different from other bookies. Nevertheless, the program is mainly very appealing for players who like to place bets on tennis, baseball, handball and basketball, because there the handicap odds and spreads are the highest. High Rollers who like handicap games have the highest security available. This applies, for example, at Game Handicap betting in tennis sports, where the handicap is the highest and even the lowest odds are better than other bookmakers. Pinnacle also underline their logo and that they wants to attract winners and professional gamblers. This is also one of the reasons why traders prefer Pinnacle than betting at Betfair, for example. After all, limits is the last thing players at Pinnacle Sports will receive.

Experience with the Customer Service of Pinnacle Sports

The customer service at Pinnacle has always been satisfactory. There is a great FAQ area constructed which covers virtually everything that may concern you. The deposit and withdrawal options include the main deposit types, although missing Moneybookers is strange. However, the instant money transfer feature is really reliable. Payments could be made monthly 1x free, after which they are charged. Everything goes smoothly in general. Mails are processed quickly and answered within the first few hours.

An extremely good service is the fact that Pinnacle regularly publish new articles that can vastly improve one’s betting behavior under older betting articles. There are always really interesting, multi-layered and complex statistics summarized that you should consider as a sports betting friend. There, you can also find and use some patterns, betting strategies and special topics. The quality of tips is always high with few small defects and it is precisely here apparent that the bookmaker has great interest of attracting good sports bettors. To summarize, the odds of Pinnacle Sports are the “most genuine” on the market and definitely attract above average betting enthusiasts.


Pinnacle Sports do not offer any welcome bonus. Nevertheless, the bookmaker states on its homepage that the actual bonus is the best available odds on the market. A very good example was the match between Djokovic and Federer – there were really high rates which are certainly better for your bankroll in long terms, in comparison to any bonus deals with dubious sales conditions.

In addition, winners at Pinnacle are more than welcome, because the bookmaker is dependent on the clever player which affects the market and generates volume. In addition, the betting company points out that traditional bonus offers are deceptive which is absolutely right in many ways.


You can have an excellent experience with Pinnacle. While they might not keep up with other bookmakers in terms of special bets and live bets, Pinnacle are a great choice for professional players due to the lack of betting taxes and outstanding rates. With Asian Handicap professional players have good possibilities to rely on. Pinnacle is also recommend if you want to bet on tennis. If you like high stakes making single bets is definitely the right thing to do. On the whole, Pinnacle Sports are one of the best bookmakers on the market and very tough to beat.

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