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There are many sports betting sites on the internet, but a review of Pinnacle Sports has once again shown that it is the best site for the serious and casual bettor. It offers an easy to navigate website for the computer and mobile device. It offers the best odds which attracts high limit bettors, but also attracts casual bettors with minimum wagers of just $1. Customers from all around the world are welcome with payout options ranging from the Danish Kroner to the Korean Won and everything else. Since Pinnacle started online in 1998, it has gained a solid and trustworthy reputation in regards to betting odds and payouts. This, along with a 24/7 customer service has allowed it to expand to over 100 countries worldwide. The website also offers an online casino that includes card games, table games, slots and video poker.

Betting Odds9.6

Betting Offer9.7

Betting Bonus9.3

Customer Service9.4

Payment Options9.2



  • The Best Odds on the Online Market
  • Great Range of Asian Handicaps with High Limits
  • No Betting Taxes
  • Professional and Friendly Customer Service


  • No Welcome Bonus for New Players
  • No Live Chat


  • Always the Best Odds

Pinnacle Review

Bettors Experience

Joining Pinnacle is very easy – you just need to sign up, which takes only a few minutes, and deposit funds from your bank account or credit card. Once joining the site, the bettor will have access to bet games and events from every major sport around the world. They are offered regular game bets, future and live bets as well. Other prop bets are often available such as political or entertainment fixtures. Live betting will offer odds on games that are in progress and change as the game unfolds. Futures are usually more long term bets that can be put in early in a season. For example the futures odds for Manchester City to win the English Premiere League are 3/1. On the site, members can access articles of previews, reviews, calculations and other betting articles. Basically it has all types of information available for the bettor to make a decision and wager that they feel comfortable with. Any problems at all may be answered on the help page of the site where all basic answers are. For more in depth problems there is a helpline through email that is always available.

Live Betting

The live betting with Pinnacle Sports is also second to none. It offers up to the minute odds on all games or events that are in progress and they change by the minute depending on the situation. For example, if in Major League Baseball, Detroit is up on New York 5-0 in the 8th inning, the line of the game may offer Detroit at -4.5 runs. And if the customer wants to bet the money line and likes New York to come back to win, they could grab odds of 3500 for example. Simply put, the live betting changes instantaneously and allows big underdog lines or laying money on a heavy favorite.

Website: Computer to Mobile

The website is top notch for a sports betting site and easy to access and place wagers. Drop boxes are right on the front page for every sport and league. Live betting can also be found here as categories are broken down by sport, league, team and game. As easy as the website is to use and navigate on the computer it is just as easy on smartphones, too. Therefore, most people can have Pinnacle Sports on their phone and with them all times of the day so there is never a bad time to get your wager placed.

Best Odds Around

There are many reasons why customers, either existing or new, choose Pinnacle over the rest of the sites. For one it simply offers the best odds for the bettor especially on football games from any league throughout the world. The main reason they offer the best odds for the bettor is because Pinnacle has the lowest bookmaker margins, or commission in the business. This leads to the best value odds and profit in the long run for the customers. This is very attractive to bettors with high limits and why they have stayed with Pinnacle for the long haul. Pinnacle typically offers 2% better odds for money line bets in football games and that difference can end up being a large sum of money for high limit bets. For casual bettors as well, Pinnacle has proven to put more in the customers pocket over time. For example, a customer betting $50 on Manchester City every game last season would have made $1.051.00, which is $136 more than the next highest site. You can see how much high limit customers could make on this site compared to others, especially if they are betting up to $40.000 per game. Other than straight bets, these odds are the same for other bet types that are offered such as teasers and parlays that can be more difficult to win, but pay much more than a straight be when they hit.

Help Always There

There is absolutely no time where a customer cannot have support from the website for any questions they may have. Most questions are answered on the help page of the site and can come in handy for new bettors or experienced ones. There are answers to what types of bets are, odds explanations and even the rules of every sport offered. However, if your question cannot be found on the help page there is an email helpline that is easily accessible.


Pinnacle Sports Bonus offers to their customers to keep the 5% on every bet they have made. Other sites take the standard 5% commission on any bet that is made, however with Pinnacle the customer keeps that 5% for themselves.

Best Profit Opportunity

There is no doubt that Pinnacle Sports has everything to offer for the sports bettor. It has now expanded to peoples phones and even more accessible than ever before. Clearly with the best odds, lowest margins and zero commissions it will prove to be the most beneficial and profitable for all customers, especially people looking to lay big money for the long run. Live bets will offer fun and still the best odds available. With such an easy process to deposit, withdrawal, get help and everything else, it’s a no brainer why Pinnacle Sports has been trusted for so long with its long term customers, and why so many new ones continue to join.

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