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As every bookmaker, SportingBet also has specific betting limits all customers should be aware of.

If you aren’t familiar with betting limits, this is a set limit which a customer has a maximum potential to earn. A betting limit is put in place for the security of the company, as well as to ensure that the customer doesn’t overdo themselves on one bet. Depending on the company, betting limits can change based off a maximum limit per day, or even divided up for individual sports. Since betting limits can often be complicated and confusing, it’s important that you are familiar with the betting limits of the company that you choose to use. In this case, we are going to examine the SportingBet betting limit.

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Sportingbet Betting Limits


Instead of setting a maximum bet amount that an individual can place, SportingBet chooses to limit the maximum payout that a person can receive. At first this seems confusing, but it’s really not. With a standard betting limit restricting the amount you can bet, you can’t bet more than that amount but still can have potential to earn triple or quadruple your bet depending on the odds. With SportingBet’s method, your maximum bet limit is set to change with the odds, so you always have the same maximum payout but just risk different amounts that changes with the stakes.

The maximum payout a better can receive in any single day is £250.000. This is a combination of all bets, no matter the sport that you choose to place your bets on. This limit resets each night at midnight, opening up the opportunity to earn another £250.000. This amount is set to the equivalency of other forms of currency used for betting.

Different games may have their own set betting limit for a single bet, but the games that don’t have this limit set are capped at £50.000. This is the global payout limit for SportingBet.

These sport leagues have their limits capped at £20.000:

  • Czech Extraliga Ice Hockey
  • Czech1 League Ice Hockey
  • Slovakian Extraliga Ice Hockey
  • Russian Extraliga Ice Hockey

These sport leagues have the global limit of £50.000:

  • Youth and Ladies Football
  • Albanian Football
  • Scottish Divisions 2 and 3 and below
  • Australian State League Football and below
  • Spanish Segunda B and below
  • Bulgarian 2nd and Below
  • Finnish Kakkonen and Below
  • Canadian Football

There is a wide array of sporting leagues that actually let you surpass the maximum payout of £50,000. Some sports leagues allow you to get a maximum payout of up to £100,000. Due to the length and constant change of the list, you’ll find the complete list of available sporting leagues for the £100,000 on the SportingBet rules page.

Racing Limits

Races can be in two different formats. There are normal races, which could be greyhound racing events or horse racing events. Your other option is to gamble on virtual races, which don’t have many statistics associated with them but are mainly based on luck. For races that are placed outside of the United Kingdom, you have a maximum betting limit payout of £100,000. Virtual races are all capped at £50.000. These are daily limits and not single event limits, and so they will reset at midnight each day rather than after each event. These bets are still counted towards your maximum payout limit for the day.

Minimum Bets

Along with having a maximum betting limit, there are minimal betting limits associated with SportingBet. The minimal SportingBet betting limits not only differ by the type of event, but also by the method that the better is placing their bet.

All online bets are set at a minimum limit of £0.01. This isn’t really a limit since you wouldn’t be betting without placing something down, but is stated within the rules anyhow. For phone sports bets, you’ll have to place a minimum bet of £20. For phone racing bets, the minimum limit is £50. These are all set to their respective currency transfer equivalency.


Betting limits change depending on the sport and method of betting. Sometimes, these are set as maximum payout limits instead. This can get really complex, and so it’s always important to check up on the limits of your chosen bookmaker. SportingBet betting limits are no different. This short guide should give you a rough outline of what betting limit rules you’ll need to follow when using this bookmaker. In order to place any bet, always ensure that you have the proper amount already in your account to avoid difficulties. Keep in mind that there are also minimal betting limits to watch out for as well if you’re just testing the waters or are unsure about a bet.

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