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Betting and sports events have always went hand by hand and since the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is going to be the biggest event for the year, it is quite sure that the bookmaker companies are going to have a lot of work to satisfy their current and new customers.

It is true that it is too early for making exact bets for the matches, although you can find all current betting odds for the group stage at our website, but we will have a look at the outright bets for the world championship and of course, a slight review of the current odds for the group stage.

Let us start with the outright bets. Outright bets are something like a long term bet – you can bet who will win the Premier League, the Champions League or who will win the goalscorer reward in the La Liga. Since the 2014 World Cup is the biggest and most popular football event, the outright bets are surely to get a lot of attention. Most well-known are the bets for winning the World Cup and the goalscorer reward – the so-called Golden Boot.

The current odds for a  tournament winner are as it follows:

Brazil                        4.00 @  

Argentina                  6.00 @  

Germany                  6.50 @

Spain                        8.00 @

Belgium                    19.00 @  

The rates clearly show that the hosts are firm favourites for winning the most prestigious trophy in the football world, followed by the sides of current holders Spain and the team of Argentina. A little surprising is the presence of the team of Belgium, who really have a great squad but do not have the necessary experience.

The outright bets for tournament goalscorer are a little less surprising:

Lionel Messi                        9.00 @

Neymar                               13.00 @

Cristiano Ronaldo               15.00 @

Sergio Aguero                     17.00 @

Luis Suarez                 17.00 @

As you can see, it is going to be a true scoring fiesta in the Argentinian squad with three of their strikers in the top five of the suggested top goalscorers. A little surprising are the odds for the current holder of the Golden Boot – Thomas Muller who has an odd rate of only 20:1.

The current odd rates for the group stage are still not so convincing like the outright bets for goalscorer or tournament winner, for example. This is mainly due to two facts – the first is that it is much easier to predict who will win the championship, simply because there are favourites much earlier before the competition has started, and the second and more important is that the squads for the 2014 World Cup will not be announced until the end of May. Of course, there are rumours and speculations, but until the championships across Europe are not finished, it will be very hard to decide, with the main reason for that are injuries. The best example for that is the squad of Colombia, who will eventually miss very badly their superstar Radamel Falcao who is injured and it will not be sure if he will make it to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. If, supposingly, he is in the team, than Colombia are able to beat almost every opposition thus becoming one of the favourites for the title. If, however, Falcao is not present at the World Cup, than his squad may become some kind of a mediocre team, which will in no doubt qualify from the group stage, but nothing more.

With that said, let’s have a look at the most interesting matches in the group stage and the current odds that go with them.

In Group A, the clash between Brazil and Croatia is thought to be decisive for the first place in the group. Here, the hosts have an odd rate of 1.27, while their opponents – 10.84. It seems bookmakers are pretty sure that Brazil are firm favourites not only for winning the group, but for the whole tournament as well.

Current world champions from Spain will have the difficult task to overcome the finalist from the last World Cup in their first match on Brazilian soil. Both Spain and Netherlands are in the Top 10 of the FIFA Ranking which ensures a true derby in Group B in the second day of the tournament. Of course, Spain are favourites with 1.97 while Netherlands get only 3.93.

Group C is one of the less intriguing, with the team of Colombia, whether with or without Falcao, is the only team who is sure to proceed after the group stage. Here, the most interesting match is said to be between the squads of Greece and Ivory Coast with current odds respectively 3.04 and 2.33.

Group D, one of the so called “groups of dead” offers one of the biggest spectacles in the group stage. The teams of England, Italy and Uruguay are surely to make fantastic games when they face each other, so this is one of the groups that is unpredictable. That is the reason why we are showing the odd rates not for two but for three matches.

Uruguay vs England          Italy vs Uruguay        England vs Italy

2.44              2.88                   2.36         3.01            3.03            2.45

Group E is not an easy group, too, with the teams of Switzerland and France having to decide who will finish on first place. The odds for Switzerland are 3.76, while for France – 2.03, which surprisingly makes Les Bleus a favourite for winning the group.

Argentina will not have any problems qualifying for the knockout stages from Group F, so a lot more interesting will be the clash between Nigeria and Bosnia and Herzegovina, that will have to decide who will finish second. Nigeria – 2.90, Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2.45.

Without underestimating the teams of Ghana and the United States, we think that the squads that will proceed from Group G are those of Germany and Portugal. The team of Germany is considered as one of the biggest title contenders, while Portugal have the best footballer in the face of Cristiano Ronaldo. The odds are: 1.85 for Germany and 4.34 for Portugal.

Group H has the “dark horse” of the tournament – the squad of Belgium, a young and capable side which definitely has a lot of future in front of it. The biggest threat for Belgium in the group comes from Russia. The odds for the game between the two sides are: Belgium – 2.16 and Russia – 3.42.

This ends our overview of the odds for the FIFA World Cup. Please remember that the odds rates will change with time, so keep an eye if you want to make the best bet.

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